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Fun fun fun !!!!!




e ben fatta

PARTY APP-WHAT DID I PAY FOR? Front Facing camera doesn't work

I am trying to use this app for my daughters 13th bday., and there is no option for a front facing camera to see if they fit in the screen. I've tried everything and looked in settings, but still couldn't find a way to make it work. So. I thought maybe I needed to buy the $4.99 party pack to allow that feature, but nope...paid for it, and literally there are no noticeable differences. Why did I just spend that money for no extra features?!?


The display shower color. Can’t find the color option.


Hi people I was growing up in the fifties and anytime you saw the booths everyone wanted use it Great throwback for memories 10STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Get it!

I love photo strips and love this app.



No help

I’d love to love this app, but doesn’t print properly on my Happy+ printer. Contacted support... only got an automated reply. Find an app from a company that cares!!

Pretty cool

Pretty cool if you just want a strip and print. but can’t add custom logo/text to strip for party info for a keepsake ... which is why you’d have a Photobooth in a lot of occasions. Other than that, it’s easy to use, great printing/sharing features!!!

Could be perfect

First issue: on my Zink Happy printer it prints a full foot of paper ($$$) for every shoot even if it's only 5" worth of photos. Second question / issue: can I add a note or tag somewhere? Eg. "Erics party 2019" I paid for the party pack or whatever is called, but I won't be able to use it if these features aren't fixed. Will happily give 5 stars if i can get that. On the plus side, it's a nice simple interface, I love the antique looking pictures and the black rounded frame. I also love that it can be set to automatically print, a must for my use.

Why can’t I have it mailed to me anymore?

I loved this app and haven’t used it in years but bragged to a large group of people to all download it because you can get two copies mailed like a post card to you.... and it no longer offers it?!

Fine for price

Good basic app. Wish the photo screen was bigger so you can see yourself better when you take the picture. Had to have my iPad positioned fairly close to the backdrop so I didn’t end up getting a lot of my backdrop in it :/ Also wish you could print 2 strips on one 4x6. There’s enough space but it won’t allow for it.

Fun but not perfect

Great for some fun shots but not perfect. You have to go into the settings to change the style, it’s not something quick. You can’t change the background. The the big that makes me saddest though is the print feature. I have a little 4x6 printer but it can’t do 2 strips on one. It would be nice if it could put on a duplicate copy so it wouldn’t waste so much . Worth .99? Yeah it’s fun.

Want to ADD photos

I’d like to add my own photos from my collection to create strips with already existing pictures, as well as take new ones.

It’s a good start...

I’m using this app for a bachelorette party and it seems to work fine. My biggest complaint is the TINY screen frame. It’s on iPad, why can’t it be much bigger to incorporate more into the scene? It’d be much better if it had that option!

Party Event

So I paid to download this app for an 8 year old little girl. It was a hit and we the adults had more fun with it! I rate it a 4 because the app could be upgraded for the new millennium add stickers, perhaps different sizes of photos. But I like the app and I will use it again it works and was a nice touch for our Event!

Does not print

My printer definitely works cause I used another app to print from and print directly from my phone to my air printer. For some reason I could not get my printer to print any of the strips because the app says the photo is 4x6 paper (which it is in the printer) and it will not print. I used my phone to print and set the paper to 4x6 and the picture came out beautifully. Am I missing something here?? Overall if t doesn’t work whatever just Taking a loss on $1.


Good software for 99 cents.

Scam don't buy

If you want to use the effects you need to pay extra, this isn't a dollar game it's a $20 dollar game, that is just as bad as their free version. You are better off just using the iPhone camera, it's better quality, solid camera effects and they don't have to be awkward small pictured strips.

Does not work in landscape mode

Couldn't use it for a home photo booth w an iPad


Saved me in a serious pinch when another app seriously failed. It's fun and very easy to use. The basic app has fun components built in.


Best Photobooth app for $0.99 .. worth the price. Just buy it and you’ll agree. There’s another $40 app for more ‘Pro’ use. Have fun


Really like this app it’s fun and easy

Mixed bag

4 hours into a trial with this app, and to this point it is very much a mixed bag with most features working as advertised, but cannot MMS to a mobile number. Can email photo strips just fine but cannot MMS. With virtually zero online instruction other than a few FAQ, it is trial and error. Grateful that Tim has responded but regret a lack of progress getting this resolved. Have reviewed iPad settings and not seeing anything amiss. I worked in tech support many years and appreciate the frustrations on both ends when things do not work as advertised. Update: our goal is for attendees to be able to send images to their mobile devices using a mobile number. Tech support has just given a well-detailed explanation of why the iOS is working against our goal, so it seems clear that this is an iOS issue and not an issue with the app. My suggestion is that the developers give more info on the front end to create realistic expectations and avoid frustration, but otherwise I do appreciate the effort.

You get what you pay for

Over all, the app does what it says. I used it on my iPad setup on a tripod. But people kept changing the settings and changing things, so I didn’t get many great pics. It would be nice to add a few more dime store features to make it usable for people that don’t want all the bells and whistles. Or the extra cost.

Like the app

It's a decent photo booth app...please add a count down timer,please!?!

Love it!!

Really enjoy using this app!! Very easy to use!!

Love it!!

I use it in my phone. I just love it.

Used to better

You used to be able to mail them to someone straight from app. I've stopped using it since they got rid of this feature.

I don't know

Hi I like this but I wish I can do it in real life

Good But...

The app is super fun.... but... it would be better if photos could be taken with the phone is held landscape and then have the photo strip show in the "viewer" screen while the phone is still held landscape right side up instead of upside down .

Love it

Love it!

What happened?

What happened to the customizing options and the ability to mail to a friend (for a small fee)? I LOVED that about this app and now I don't have any of these options in my version now and it seems up to date! :(

Don't waste your 99 cents

It's not worth it. All it does is give you the most basic, boring photo booth strip. If you want another background besides the provided...well nothing, you pay extra. There isn't even a brick background like shown.

Always makes a great time more fun!

Love it!!

Super fun app!

We've used it at multiple parties. It's always a hit. 👍🏻

Fave App

One of the first apps I downloaded with my iPhone 1. Now with a 7+ it's still a fave! Thanks for the update!

Thanks for the update!

Great app. Get in now!!!

Hoping for a little more...

It'd be great with a visual or sound alert for the timer, and if the air print settings let you airprint 2 strips per 5 x 7, sort of like a real photo booth... but all in all suits it's purpose and is a fun app. Was hoping to use it for a wedding prop on my iPad, but I don't know if I love the print settings, so I'm not sure it'll work for me!

We need a visual countdown timer

It said will take photos every 5 seconds when red light is on, but the red light was always on. We didn't feel we had an opportunity to change our props or poses. Please add a visual countdown timer!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Just needs one more additional option...

This would be perfect, if it just had an audible warning or countdown tone before taking each picture. Other than that, it's fun to use.

Pretty Cool.

Next best thing!

I would give five but..

I love the app, but i wish it had a count down feature so you would know when the pic is about to be taken

Great Booth

We have found that this booth is both simple and easy to use. They usually update a background for a holiday or season which is a great plus.

Super Fun

Super fun app. It's worth more than the app fee. I purchased the optional in app purchases. Totally worth it. What I would like to see are previews when you change the photo type life sepia or black and white. I don't remember what each one looks like when I'm changing it. Trial and error. Also, if you choose to have them print your photos, you have to do each one as a separate order. This has prevented me from ordering. Too much hassle.


I don't think this is worth getting at all. The basic features are not that great and the price for the expansions are not any better. I'm actually pretty upset with myself for wasting that $1 when I could have spent it on a better photobooth app.

School carnival photo booth

This worked perfectly for our school carnival. It connected to my printer on the school's guest network with no problems. It was easy, fast and the kids could operate it with very little assistance.

Won't Print

It won't connect to printer, although other apps do. Can't find any help online.


I thought if I did the party pack I would be able to customize further, such as the 4x6 size mentioned, or custom borders. Also searched for a separate Photobooth Party as mentioned after buying the party pack and not being able to do this, but can't find that either. Confused and disappointed.

Love this

Love this app! Just needs to be able to have captions on the bottom, otherwise, it's great!

Love this App

So easy to use and the images are great! Lots of fun for nights out!

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